Saturday, December 16, 2006

Core 2 Duo T7600

Intel's released a new chip, one that can be overclocked if so desired:


Intel has quietly begun shipping a clock-unlocked version of its mobile Core 2 Duo T7600 processor, but tracking one down may prove tricky. Not all PC makers are likely to offer the part - and those that do may not let slip the chip can be overclocked.

Dell quietly revealed the existence of the Core 2 Duo T7600G earlier this week when it announced a Blu-ray Disc supporting version of its XPS M1710 gamer-oriented laptop. Among the processor options offered to build-to-order byers was a 2.33GHz T7600G, priced at $275 more than the laptop's standard processor, the T7600, which is also clocked at 2.33GHz. Both CPUs have 4MB of L2 cache and run on a 667MHz frontside bus.

I'll admit that I'm never at the forefront of such technologies. Given that the same stuff will be available for $25 in 8 months time, why pay $275 now?


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